Mini jammer

Mini jammer

aP1040526.png Mini jammer
aP1040535.png Mini jammer without antenna
aP1040550.png Mini jammer with antenna

Conventional Jamming Systems come with fixed patterns for jamming signals.

The Mini Jamming System provides software with highest flexibility regarding signal generation and optimal utilization of jamming power to disable the adversarial RF signal.

The developable software is enables all required features for the efficient generation of jamming signals.

Technology description:
A radio signal does have different characteristics compared to a cellular phone signal; therefore the jamming signal disturbing radio communication efficiently should be generated with different characteristics than the jamming signal defeating cellular phone communication.
Even, cellular phone communication signal characteristics are specific to a country; the ability to adapt the jamming signal is crucial.

Especially the feature to transmit DTMF codes is an important issue in order to disable efficiently the remote controlling of bomb ignitions through DTMF codes. Our generated DTMF codes may be transmitted at large distances disturbing the adversarial radios efficiently.

Features mini jammer system:
» achieved in several demonstrations (e.g. tests by Airforce, NATO etc.)
» controlled by one DDS, up to 2W transmitting power
» 15 frequency bands / output configurable / Display
» DSP Technology: allows any kind of modulation
» cover the enemy's signal in an efficient way
» parameters for each band: speed of sweeping, carrier step size, power and modulation
» 3,7V battery recharging, Micro-USB, programable software
» up to one hour jamming

Features booster:
» amplifier from 35W up to 100W transmitting power
» LiOn battery, 28VDC / 10AH
» ManPack solution, CarSolution, building and room jamming solution

Download the product flyer:

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