Signal Activity Monitor SAM 8

Signal Activity Monitor SAM 8 (8 Channels)

Sam8.png SAM 8
Sam8_4.png SAM 8 antenna
Sam8_2.png Conference room
Sam8_3.png Alarm control unit

Keep your conversations private
Wiretaps, listening devices and mobile communication devices are a serious threat to any business, organization or individual’s privacy. To detect and locate such threats in real-time, SIS developed the SAM 8 Signal Activity Monitor. The collateral damage, caused by unwanted eavesdropping and information sharing can easily cost a million.

The simple ban to use mobile phones and tablets during meetings and confidential conversations is no longer an obstacle to record information and transmit at the same time.

Field of operations:
The operation of SAM 8 is a cost effective and flexible solution in the field of counter-monitoring. SAM 8 allows for real-time scanning and monitors sensitive and confidential conversations.
Even eavesdropping devices which record conversations with a time-shifted transmission are visible in the software.

The analysis of a suspicious case provides a movement profile of a transmitter, compared to a live picture.

Technology description:
SAM 8 can be installed stationary or used as a mobile system. One room can be secured with only one antenna. For triangulation of transmitters, more antennas are needed.

For 2D localization, min. 3 antennas are requested. Our recommendation for highly sensitive rooms is the installation of 5 antennas together with SAM 8 PADs for captive mobile-phones, which remain fully functional and will be excluded from monitoring as long they are assigned to PADs.

A room (office, conference room) size of 20 x 20 meters can be secured with one basic SAM 8 unit (master unit, 5 antennas, Notebook). Antenna cables are 10 meters long and need to be plugged into the master unit. Power supply will be provided through a USB hub. Through remote viewer software, SAM 8 con be operated from a distant command and control room.

Download the product flyer:

Flyer SAM 8