HighTAG™ 971 LTE analyzer

HighTAG™ 971 LTE Analyzer

The HighTAG™ 971 LTE Analyzer determines the field strength of available mobile networks and links them with GPS coordinates.
These records are sent via SMS to the configured phone number.

Technical data:
Dimensions (LxWxH)100 x 60 x 18,5mm (without antenna)
Weight92g (without antenna)
Power supply1000mAh (+/- 100mAh), 3,7V DC, pluggable (Lithium-Polymer)
USB connectorMicro-USB for configuration and charging
SIM cardMicro-SIM, accessible from the outside
Antenna connectorSMA connector for miscellaneous antennas
GPSIntegrated GPS receiver
Standard colorblack
Bolting4 screws
Order NumberHT971
1800 (BdIII)
2100MHz (BdI)
LTE800 (Bd20)
900 (Bd8)
1800 (Bd3)
2100 (Bd1)
2600MHz (Bd7)