SIS-HighTAG-Elements_GSM-GPS.png HighTAG™ Elements GSM/GPS
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HighTAG™ GPS tracking modules
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HighTAG™ 100 series
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HighTAG™ 119 solar module
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HighTAG™ 819 solar receiver
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HighTAG™ 125
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HighTAG™ active RFID receivers

To locate goods or persons reliable and uncomplicated you will not need only an exact positioning system, but also a simple and cost-saving solution for transmission of the position data.

At the thought of the keyword locating procedures the predominant majority will have the GPS-system in mind, which is used in navigations devices in vehicles. This technology allow for locating a position accurate to a few meters by means of satellite.

Consequently the positioning by GPS is perfectly qualified on position reckoning of objects or persons, because the GPS-system uses a existent infrastructure and involves no more costs such as royalty.

For transmission of position data the GSM technology lends itself. This is not only cost-saving (depending on provider), but provides also a additional locating possibility. This locating by means of GSM-cell is still exactly to occur a positioning by hand-held tracker.

Our GSM/GPS-module joins this two jutting technologies with an active RFID transmitter and is the smallest module with integrated GSM/GPS available in the market.

Thus our modules offer a versatile possibility to track objects or persons (also in buildings!) by indoor-GPS, outdoor-GPS, GSM or active RFID.

Our products are available in the variants RFID (active), GSM or GSM/GPS. The GSM- and GSM/GPS-TAGs are additionally equipped with an active RFID-transmitter, so an point-exact evaluation of the position can be determined by a hand-held tracker (PDA).

personal attack pager:
Our personal attack pager is a discreet accompanying instrument for all people who need to transmit an emergency call expeditious and easy, independent from their location in the case of an emergency at anytime.

The HighTAG™ GSM/GPS-module comes with the newest GPS receiver of the 5th u-Blox generation. The used transceiver is identical in construction to the HighTAG™ activeRFID serie. The programming of the module will be done by micro USB as well as the charging of the battery. It could be charge by a separate connector too.
Also available as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) version.

active RFID:
Our activeRFID-modules is a programmable RF-Transceiver, that was developed for the safeguarding and orientation from valuables, persons and animals.

Each module possesses an unambiguous ID-number. The modules are free programmable by micro usb. They can be equipped pulsed, on movement or with a dead man's control.
The Transceiver enables a bidirectional communication. Repeater functions are adjustable just as the transmitting power.
They are suitable for protection of theft, objects, appliances, merchandises, and value transportations, for Palette prosecution, animal orientation, vehicle location, sting rehearse-prosecution and person-orientation.
For the mounting in belts, clocks, key-supporters, shoes, etc. the modules are delivered without casings.

HighTAG™ 911 TurbineTAG:
The HighTAG™ 911 TurbineTAG comes with the newest GPS receiver of the 6th u-Blox generation.

To enable a long time of operation, the HighTAG™ 911 TurbineTAG has an integrated turbine to charge the battery, e.g. by airflow.

Six super strong magnets ensure a safety mounting of the module on a magnetic underground.

The programming of the HighTAG™ 911 TurbineTAG will be done via micro USB, with contemporary charging of the battery.

The integrated GPS-antenna with Indoor GPS is integral on the motherboard and ensures best receiving features.

• blower, to increase the efficiency on lower

software and accessories:
Our software offer encloses programs for the configuration, detection or monitoring the HighTAG™ modules and receivers.

It is subdivided in software for PC and mobile devices, for example PDAs or mobile phones (based on Windows mobile).
Besides a SDK is available with thus you can program the interfaces to your own applications. Therefore HighTAG™ is adaptable individually on your needs.

In our accessories program you find spare accumulators and additional accumulators, antennas, mains appliances and programmer for the HighTAG™ range of products.

Online portal for configuration and tracking of the GPS modules e911 and e921.