Multi alternator holder

multi alternator holder

With this adaptive generator holder's construction developed by us you are able to offer external power consumers or loading devices with the second generator independent of the vehicle electronics in almost every vehicle type.

Even with running dry (low speed area) is available to enough power to the care of the external systems.

The guarantee of the vehicle manufacturer is not impaired, on this occasion.

An 1:1 effigy of your original of gen-erator holder from an aluminium-full block is designed by special technology applied from the auto motives industry and is fixed with our multiholder.
Drilling into the engine block is cancelled through this completely under guaran-tee of the highest stability.

The assembly is trouble-free and not time consuming. A dismantling is without problem any time and possible without tracks.

With failure in use ap-plication is one any time in position to hold the vehicle with the original gen-erator by raising of the original strap further mobile.

The strap run is vari-ably formable specifically for vehicle.

Download the product flyer:

Flyer multi alternator holder